Alien sex feind

It was like a nuclear explosion when it all happened. Nik, meanwhile, reinforces the idea of synergy and happenstance: Before that it was a little like jelly - there was nothing wrong with it [and] it needed a core. Linda Rowell took loads of photos of those days. The stage is a more exaggerated version of me. Mrs Fiend graceful acknowledges Nik's continued assistance.

Alien sex feind

And she can cook as well Apparently, Alien Sex Fiend aren't goth - or at least, weren't goth until the music press got to the idea and branded it for the masses, according to Mrs Fiend. Music style[ edit ] Alien Sex Fiend has been described as gothic rock, [10] deathrock [11] and industrial. Whether it is a case of safe territory or an unfading passion, the Fiends are committed to continuing. Nik, meanwhile, reinforces the idea of synergy and happenstance: I am as mystified by the weirdness of the whole thing as anyone else. Plus if you do go on about it, you become a nagging woman, so the best thing to do is to just get on with it and prove yourself over time. Before I end this I have to give Poison Ivy from The Cramps the thumbs up - another woman who has just got on with it. Run by Ollie Wisdom from Specimen, and favoured watering hole of Robert Smith, Siouxsie Sioux, Nick Cave and Marc Almond amongst others, the Batcave defined the gothic attitude and embraced the histrionic pomp of Romantic poetry and neo-occult gesticulations, the violent decadence of preraphaelite art with the 5p noir novels of the '30s, late night horror films, nihlism and Nietzsche. People are people, wherever and everywhere. They also play the following European shows: They gave me a job managing the Batcave when they went over to America on tour. It was like a nuclear explosion when it all happened. No amount of hype can make something last for a sustained period; there has to be a common ground for something to last. The Fiends contributed one of the lesser known bijoux to an environment replete with oddities: Allegedly, but not actually. I can be quite a nasty cunt - with or without make up. Playing live is a completely different thing to the studio. I had always thought mistakenly, obviously that music was a barrier breaking business. It's not a clean divide: In some ways it was competitive, in that everyone was trying to get on, to move forward, but also everyone put forward ideas, gave something to it. Also he plays more guitar now so he comes up with the tune parts sometimes. A couple of our road crew have said the same thing. Later projects[ edit ] Fink published a book in , Once Upon a Fiend, [12] recalling his experiences in the band. ASF has always been the outlet for what me and Mrs Fiend do. As London mythology goes, snotty-nosed punk gave way to the flash trash of new romance, The Blitz Club, the synth 'revolution' of the futurists, art rock, men in lipstick and acceptable avarice.

Alien sex feind

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  1. In the studio you can go back and correct mistakes, though we usually avoid doing that because it can spoil the vibe of a track. Already having cut his pointed teeth on a couple of bands before, Nik and Christine Wade - aka Mrs Fiend - formed Alien Sex Fiend at the time when Nik allegedly worked as the Batcave's barman.

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