Anal sex psychological effects

Factors that influence sexual risk behaviour among adult women in the USA, such as relationship power and sexual self-efficacy, are well represented in the literature; however, these and other social and psychological risk factors associated specifically with unprotected anal intercourse remain understudied. Details regarding data collection procedures can be found elsewhere McLellan-Lemal et al. Women were purposively approached at these recruitment locations. When you ask a man to use a condom, he will get angry; If you ask a man to use a condom, he will think you are having sex with other people. Each week, venues were selected randomly as recruitment sites. Acculturation The Bicultural Involvement Questionnaire Szapocznik, Kurtines, and Fernandez includes 24 items assessing comfort with speaking Spanish and English in different contexts and enjoyment of cultural customs and behaviours associated with Hispanic and US cultures. Pain during AI was mitigated by the use of lubricants or illicit drugs.

Anal sex psychological effects

For venue-based recruitment, the study team identified zip code areas in one urban county in South Florida with the greatest number of reported sexually transmitted infection including HIV cases. According to the U. Heterosexual sex is the primary mode of transmission for Hispanic-American women US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention b and anal intercourse in particular is associated with a significantly increased risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections Jenness et al. Heterosexual anal intercourse, Anal sex, Women, Qualitative methods Introduction Recent interest in heterosexual anal intercourse has been generated from several research perspectives. All analyses were conducted by using SAS 9. Excerpts were identified both conceptually based on the beginning and ending of a distinct idea and contextually including all necessary information for accurate interpretation. Recruitment A convenience sample was recruited from one urban county in South Florida using multiple approaches: Pain during AI was mitigated by the use of lubricants or illicit drugs. To assess the potential association of these factors among Hispanic women, we examined data from a — study of heterosexual sexually active, HIV-negative women, which included Hispanic women residing in South Florida. How much do you enjoy Hispanic music? Results related to each of these research questions are described in more detail below. Acculturation is defined as assimilation to a new or different culture Kinsler et al. This inductive process resulted in a hierarchically organized codebook containing codes and subcodes that emerged from the data itself. The resulting sample consisted of 32 women from diverse ethnic backgrounds: Past experience with AI including emotional and physical reactions was identified. Even those women who found pleasure in AI expressed a preference for vaginal intercourse. The increased risk of HIV transmission through anal intercourse has been well documented in studies of homosexual and bisexual men; however, there has only recently been interest in documenting comparable risks among heterosexual samples. When these omissions were counted as disagreements, the kappa coefficient was. The mobile unit was a customized recreational vehicle that included private spaces for the collection of ACASI data, as well as HIV counselling and testing. The codebook was then uploaded to Dedoose and used to assign applicable codes to the excerpts. Many of the women also endorsed positive emotional experiences of AI, including that it was more intimate than vaginal sex, and that it was something they reserved only for special partners. In the United States, general population surveys have suggested that the prevalence of anal intercourse among heterosexuals has increased over time Leichliter, Overall, research among Hispanics has produced conflicting results regarding the association between acculturation, condom use and sexual risk behaviours. All groups were digitally recorded for transcription; transcripts were analyzed using the methods of grounded theory to determine themes. The 4-point response scale for the two positively worded items i. Gender and power theory, which focuses on the sexual division of labor, sexual division of power, and social norms associated with relationships between men and women, may also inform our understanding of heterosexual anal intercourse Connell, Following the recommendations of Krueger , each focus group consisted of 7—10 participants, and all focus groups were conducted by the first author who has experience with group facilitation and has worked extensively with the population served at both the drug treatment center and CBRS.

Anal sex psychological effects

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  1. We examined demographic, mental health, relationship power, sexual self-efficacy, self-esteem, acculturation and HIV knowledge as correlates of unprotected anal intercourse among HIV-negative Hispanic women, 18 to 59 years of age, residing in one urban county in southern Florida. Data Analysis The audio files produced by the recording equipment in MP3 format were transcribed verbatim and imported into Dedoose, an on-line qualitative analysis program that facilitates coding, sorting, and displaying mixed method data.

  2. Internal consistency of response was. The 4-point response scale for the two positively worded items i.

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