Czech german border sex tourism

The hypotheses presented here therefore do not claim in any way to be representative, as this is illusory for any study of prostitution customers, but result instead from information collected in the course of ethnographic observation of the prostitutional territories and the actors studied. Some small clubs can give the outside observer and customer alike the feeling that they are disturbing the quiet of a family living room—women lying on the sofa in front of the television— and the rare customers who come on a weekday evening are often deemed of lesser interest than the latest video clips and therefore abandoned at the bar until they decide themselves to leave. She was born close to the E55 highway which runs on the border between the Czech Republic and Germany; here, sex tourism is booming. Dubi authorities have long sought to limit prostitution but to little avail. Some 18 percent of German men regularly pay for sex, he said. I don't know if she got pregnant to make more money but the socially weaker ones can't afford abortions and if they stay pregnant, they get benefits. But it messes you up psychologically and physically. Those receiving cash were paid between five and 25 euros by each customer. But there are also much smaller clubs, employing a smaller number of prostitutes —the smallest have only two or three women.

Czech german border sex tourism

Nonetheless, it seems to me that attempts to get beyond the stereotypical figures of customer and prostitute and the preconceptions that go along with them lead us to recognize the possibility that certain women decide to work in the sex industry as an alternative survival circuit while keeping in mind that the aspects of prostitution practice observed here cannot claim to be the totality of prostitutional reality , and that the relation between prostitute and customer is not merely one of domination but may take the form of an exchange. Contact with the club owner may also be established by the prostitute herself if she is already working in a place and is trying to get a friend or acquaintance hired too. Even children under the age of six are sold to German sex tourists. A sexual service consumer on the Czech-Austrian border stated, for example: This is why it is important here, while never denying the reality of the physical and psychic threats that may weigh on women practicing prostitution, to render readable some of the power relations that run through prostitutional space. Maybe it existed before, but it wasn't as visible as it is today. Even sending a postcard twice a year, often just before a no-contact deadline, could in the past have been perceived as proof of interest, thus preventing adoption. Up against the moralizing judgments generally made of their sexual habits, Austrian and German prostitution customers in border area nightclubs develop a variety of discursive strategies, ranging from denial to heroicizing their sexual practices to trying to clear themselves. Some suffered violence at the hands of their abusers. In both these arrangements, prostitutes hand over approximately half of their earnings. She was born close to the E55 highway which runs on the border between the Czech Republic and Germany; here, sex tourism is booming. However, it is important to keep in mind that because I was only able to interview customers willing to talk, I probably did not meet customers considered dangerous by the prostitutes themselves or, if I did meet some, they were careful to keep quiet about behaviors that they know are damaging to the physical or psychological integrity of the prostituted person. In the border areas, there is greater marketing of erotic services designed to precede or follow the sexual act itself, such as suggestive shows or dances; the quality of this material seems to constitute an important marketing argument for the customers I questioned. This is attested by the metaphor used by a manager to justify his refusal to let me question customers on the parking lot of his club: It was released on Tuesday in Berlin. I couldn't find a spot in her veins to inject her. But in most cases, the men questioned were willing to express their impressions of the prostitution world, after clearly indicating to the researcher that they were not of that world. I know at least one case of a woman getting pregnant to get more money," says Jan Ryska, head of Dubi police. These first interviews thus enabled me to observe the importance of establishing a distinction between two worlds: Some children are sold by their impoverished families "In some districts, they wait in cars or apartment windows. Border-opening and prostitution 4 Border area prostitution appeared soon after the borders of Czechoslovakia which split in into the Czech Republic and Slovakia were opened, and it quite clearly seems to have arisen from the sharp economic differential between the German and Austrian border regions and the corresponding Czech regions. But a long interview with an owner who had come as a customer to one of the clubs I studied, and certain statements collected from prostitutes and customers, together with direct observation of some clubs and information from non-governmental actors furnished me with some information. The women, most from Bulgaria, had been beaten, raped, branded with irons and kept locked up without access to their passports. But it messes you up psychologically and physically. Despite regular publication of alarmist articles in the Czech, German and Austrian press presenting the tragic fate of prostitutes, particularly migrants, and the omnipresence of prostitution in the lives of border populations, it seems that authorities on both side of the border are trying to ignore the phenomenon, and there are very few studies of the marketing of sexual services on the Czech-German and Czech-Austrian borders. More than 1, suspected prostitutes wereapprehended by police last year in Dubi,which has a population of 7, Tens of thousands of Germans cross the border to abuse the children, officials say.

Czech german border sex tourism

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  1. While the Germans and Czechs have launched joint projects in the border regions to provide at least healthcare for the prostitutes, more attention has been given to German worries that cheap eastern European gnomes threaten to drive Teutonic gnome-makers out of business. This quest to reproduce the classic forms of the love relationship Brochier, ; Hoigard and Finstad, is also one of the motives cited for having recourse to border area prostitution:

  2. Prices for prostitution services in the clubs situated in the Czech Republic are generally one-half to one-third those practiced in the neighboring countries, and this combined with the availability of other goods and services gas, cigarettes, restaurants, etc. You held a meeting on Tuesday with Mrs.

  3. The sex market here was produced by the economic differential between the Czech Republic and its west European neighbors; it has developed mainly on the borders with Germany and Austria and is aimed primarily at a German-speaking clientele.

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