Determining sex of baby before birth

Hang your wedding ring from a strand of the father's hair over your belly. What do you think? Now that medical technology makes it possible to determine an unborn baby's sex with almost total certainty, why do these old wives' tales persist? MicroSort, however, isn't the only high-tech method for choosing the sex of your child. Here's what works -- and what doesn't. Sick to Your Stomach Myth:

Determining sex of baby before birth

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have turned anyone with a keyboard into a pregnancy "expert. Mum Vanessa Miller was surprised when she told us on Facebook: In this case, ethicists worry about the welfare of the child. Other more controversial strategies include preimplantation genetic diagnosis PGD , and chorionic villus sampling CVS -- both of which are used to detect medical illnesses but can also be used to distinguish sex. January ; vol There are reports that some people who find out they have an unwanted gender through this technique end up asking for an abortion. If the ring swings around in circles, it's a girl. Even if the technique did work, Drano is a caustic chemical -- not something you want to be playing around with or breathing in while you're pregnant, Beard says. Even though most wives' tales about guessing the baby's sex are harmless, "My medical caution to my patients is: Swinging on a Hair Myth: If it's high or wide in the middle , you're having a girl. Del Mar Melero-Montes, M. What Happens Right Away. This one is pure myth. But knowing would just make buying things so much easier!! The method could either fail to produce a baby of the desired sex, or the right-gendered kid could grow up with traits that contradict with parental expectations. Luke's Boise Medical Center: The Internet is at least partly to blame for the ongoing pregnancy rumor mill. According to the fertility experts contacted by WebMD, MicroSort -- a method that involves separating the male sperm from the female -- is the current gold standard. Whatever the reason, health experts worry that some parents will place unrealistic hopes on a sex-determination technique and become disappointed whether or not they succeed. This is achieved through rear entry intercourse man enters woman from behind. So his reasoning is that girls do things earlier than boys! People reading those random comments can wrongly take them for medical facts. Mass doesn't know of any medical reason why a Drano-urine mixture could predict a baby's sex. Others do it to prevent their offspring from inheriting sex -linked genetic diseases.

Determining sex of baby before birth

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  1. In his book How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby, Shettles explains that the male Y sperm is smaller, faster, and more short-lived than the female X sperm. Choosing the Sex of Your Child Several options are available for choosing the sex of your child, but none are guaranteed.

  2. Well cool your low, sensible heels for a sec and consider our list of pros and cons first Rhythm of the Heart Myth:

  3. Another advises them to mix their urine with Drano; the color is supposedly a clue about the baby's sex.

  4. This is a myth Mass says her patients ask her about on a daily basis, and there might actually be a wee bit of truth to it.

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