Discrimination with sex selection

These include Albania and Georgia, but not Armenia and Azerbaijan. Member States, within their wide margin of appreciation, should find ways to put in place laws, policies and practices that allow the different legitimate interests involved to be taken into account. Genetic research has largely improved since past two decades, but ethical issues in this research field are of a great importance in appliance of these researches in diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders. In the vast majority of Council of Europe member states, where abortion is legal, this includes an adequate framework that reconciles the possibility to have an abortion with the fight against discrimination. Abstract Advances in modern medicine are resulted from unrestricted and unlimited research disregarding many essentials of a research including ethical issues. They can also be found in certain immigrant communities in Western Europe.

Discrimination with sex selection

Footnotes Conflict of Interest: This technology is confronted with many ethical issues. Reproductive outcomes after in-vitro fertilization. It is widely believed that this imbalance is due to selective abortions of female foetuses. Sura AL Bakara, H. In this this review, electronic databases, books and Internet sites were completely searched and full articles including required keywords and techniques were obtained and reviewed. In some Asian countries this imbalance is in favor of male gender, and this issue is seldom seen in western European and North American countries. Scientific aspects of preconception gender selection. Assisted reproductive technologies and the risk of birth defects-a systematic review. During description of the risks and hazards, different factors effect understanding and conception of patients, which can effect on obtaining informed consent. In addition, karyotyping of fetal cells provides information about fetal sex. Prenatal sex determination and selection. Islam allows PGD in a condition that sperm and ovum are from a husband and wife. They also involve ethical issues such as legitimacy of the conceived fetus; recommending final touches in sex selection is still considered a taboo and a big issue in some cultures or mono-sexual families. Given that in many situations women are under psychological and sometimes physical pressure to undergo a sex-selective abortion, these provisions of the Convention can potentially provide some safeguards against sex-selective abortions. In this review, there is a brief overview of the ethics in PGD and point of view of Islam about sex selection. J Assist Reprod Genet. Those who believe in this issue, usually consider this issue as disobedience of God, and therefore interfering in natural process of reproduction. So it is necessary that before any attempt, all of the legal and ethical aspects should be considered and reviewed. In Islamic religion equity of human beings despite differences in skin color and other general physical properties is emphasized. Some gynecologyical problems in the context of Islam. Sex-selection experts often argue that this is an expression of reproductive rights, and allowed the couples to make a well-informed and well-plannedfamily, and prevented outcomes of un-intended pregnancy and abortion. Father and mother, can definitely use these techniques to choose the desired gender of the child, but whether this preference is ethical? And for this obligation, preconception determining the gender of the embryo for nonmedical reasons with help of separation of X and Y spermatozoa with different methods is very essential. Low and very low birth weight in infants conceived with use of assisted reproductive technology. Genetic research has largely improved since past two decades, but ethical issues in this research field are of a great importance in appliance of these researches in diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders.

Discrimination with sex selection

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  1. Several factors such as medical issues including X linked disease, has encouraged couples to select traditional or modern techniques in selecting the gender of their children.

  2. Some of spermatozoa isolation techniques and their ethical issues Since long ago gender of children is an important subject for parents.

  3. Ethical issues in new uses of preimplantation genetic diagnosis should parents be allowed to use preimplantation genetic diagnosis to choose the sexual orientation of their children?

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