Myths and facts about sex contraceptives

So, couples can avoid pregnancy and enjoy sex life fully, only if they can follow safe and effective contraceptive advice. There are four major hormones chemicals that stimulate or regulate the activity of cells or organs involved in the menstrual cycle: Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Double bagging works in the grocery store, not in the bedroom. Other myths are discussed. If you are thinking about having sex or any of your friends are for that matter take the time to look into a reliable form of birth control. Washing or urinating after sex will not stop semen and sperm that have already entered the uterus through the cervix. Emergency contraceptive pills i pill etc Often couple uses these pills regularly after intercourse.

Myths and facts about sex contraceptives

The sperm will, by nature, begin to move up through the cervical canal immediately after ejaculation. Douching is not an effective method of contraception. When trying to make informed decisions about the right birth control options, talk to your doctor and get information from reliable sources. Most women will begin to ovulate in the first three to six months after stopping the Pill. Have safe sex , enjoy life. There are no short cuts here: When a man ejaculates, the sperm are deposited well into the vagina. This occurs whether or not the woman has sex or an orgasm. Douching with Coke will kill sperm. Plastic wrap and balloons are not good to use as condoms. If you are breastfeeding, talk to your doctor about your birth control options. Douching after intercourse prevents pregnancy. And focusing on a healthy lifestyle — eating well and exercising regularly — can help keep the weight off. Therefore, pinpointing the time of ovulation and predicting any "safe" days can be difficult. Condoms are specifically made to provide a good fit and good protection during sex, and they are thoroughly tested for maximum effectiveness. But men should know how to use it properly. Emergency contraceptive pills i pill etc Often couple uses these pills regularly after intercourse. Remember these pills contain very high content of hormonal drugs, which can lead to serious side effects like hormonal imbalance, irregularities in periods and thus can prevent you from getting pregnant in future, even when you want pregnancy , ectopic pregnancy pregnancy outside tubes that are life-threatening etc. We need to assess various points like a number of children they have, wish to have further children and plan to have children, general health of wife and husband and any diseases they suffer from , the frequency of intercourse, the chance of infection, the age of the partners etc. Below is a list of seven of them. There is also a lot of misinformation about how to use birth control, as well as some methods that simply do not work. Again, female ligation is also a very safe technique. Worry about weight gain as a birth control side effect is a common concern among women contemplating hormonal birth control methods. But the myths are that" condoms reduce sexual pleasure" and" condoms get easily damaged leading to failure. In truth, positions during sex have nothing to do with whether or not fertilization occurs. Copper T does not increase risk of infection, a common misconception lies among woman. Medicated iucds are also available, that contains hormonal drugs.

Myths and facts about sex contraceptives

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  1. This information is provided by the Cleveland Clinic and is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or healthcare provider. Douching is the process of washing out your vagina.

  2. You might also like these other newsletters: Women mistakenly believe that this can flush out sperm and even sexually transmitted diseases, but Fernandez advises against douching in general and specifically notes that douching does not prevent pregnancy or infection.

  3. Taking the Pill will lead to breast cancer. Advertising Policy Contraception Myths There are many myths regarding contraception.

  4. And focusing on a healthy lifestyle — eating well and exercising regularly — can help keep the weight off. Pregnancy occurs when a sperm from the man fertilizes an egg from the woman.

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