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The host country may ask the delegations for a voluntary contribution to the obligatory costs. There will be at least one full day of rest between the examinations. The host country has to prepare at least one spare problem which will be presented to the International Board if one of the first three theoretical problems is rejected by two thirds of members of the International Board. Therefore all possible political tension between the participants should not be reflected in any activity during the competition. The contestant shall be students of general or technical secondary schools i. No country may have its team excluded from participation on any political grounds resulting from political tensions, lack of diplomatic relations, lack of recognition of some country by the government of the organizing country, imposed embargoes and similar reasons. It should be sent to the participating countries, prior to the Olympiad. The International Board has the following responsibilities: The awards are presented at the Closing Ceremony.

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Contestants will be awarded medals in accordance with the marks as follows: The Advisory Committee consist of: Guests do not attend the meeting of the International Board. When difficulties preclude formal invitation of the team representing a country students from such a country should be invited to participate as individuals. The host country will be responsible for grading the examination papers. The are elected by the International Board for a period of five years when the chairs become vacant. The solutions to the problems should be presented in English. If possible, the host country should accept as observers any of the following persons: The competition organizer shall determine how the marks are allocated within the examinations. If a problem is rejected, the alternative problem must be accepted. The host country shall provide medals and certificates in accordance with the Statutes. These statutes and other IPhO-documents shall be written in English. However it is not responsible for medical costs and sundry expenses of the participants. A free copy of the Proceedings should be sent to all delegation leaders and competitors. The participants in the meeting of the International Board are bound to preserve secrecy concerning the tasks and to be of no assistance to any of the participants; to ensure correct and just classification of the students. The host country is only obliged to invite delegations from countries that participated in one of the last three competitions. The contestant shall be students of general or technical secondary schools i. All grading has to be accepted by the International Board; to establish the winners of the competition and make a decision concerning presentation of the medals and honorable mentions. Each of them should be able to speak English. In case of Statute and Syllabus two thirds or more and In case of Regulations more than one half. The experimental examination shall consist of one or two problems and shall be of five hours total duration. It is the responsibility of the delegation leaders to translate the problems into languages required by their students. It should provide full information for participating countries, prior to their arrival, concerning venue, dates, accommodation, transport from airports, ports and railway stations. The organizing country is obliged to ensure equal participation of all the delegations, and to invite teams from all those countries that participated during the last three years. This Secretariat consists of the President and Secretary. The Board will disqualify those contestants who do not meet the stipulated conditions; to discuss the Organizers' choice of tasks, their solutions and the suggested evaluation guidelines before each part of the competition.

Olimpiadas sex

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  1. Everyone participating in the preparation of the competition problems must not divulge their content. They have the right to give advice to the group of graders in order to keep the grading scheme within the tradition of the IPhOs.

  2. The host country shall provide medals and certificates in accordance with the Statutes.

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