Sexual promiscuity causes

For some women, it is terror whenever they are in a sexual situation. More unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Adolescent from polygamous homes have more favourable attitude to sexual promiscuity than those from monogamous families. The sooner you start to address it, the better your treatment will go. It can cause a nasty backlash, at times. In a broken home, the two parents do not cooperate, only one of the parents takes care of the children. Fashion magazines promote such unrealistic images of beauty that we find that even younger women feel they can't live up to them.

Sexual promiscuity causes

Any boy or man who has canal knowledge of a girl outside marriage would be forced to marry the girl and pay her bride price. No family would want to be blacklisted or blackmailed so parents paid serious attention to the moral and social welfare of their children, at times taking corrective actions when bad behaviours were detected. Depression often causes a loss of interest in sex as well as function. This revealed that television is capable of teaching sexual information, at least when programs are designed specifically for that purpose. The confusion occurs because women are extremely sensitive and easily pick up the energies of the men with whom they have sex. This is a serious epidemic throughout the world. This is an administrative division of a country that is, the third tier of governments. It from this background that this study is investigated to find out the causes of high rate of sexual promiscuity among teenagers in Secondary Schools in Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo State as perceived by parents. These children, especially the female ones, feel they have the protection of their parents and or boyfriends. Overt sexuality may simply be a way to get noticed, or a method of symbolically declaring their independence. Chalder, Elgari, and Bennett pointed out that peer group influence is a key determinant in causing alcohol consumption that may result into getting into fights, engaging in sexual promiscuity, and missing school. There might be a very real medical cause or factors as well. What is Teen Promiscuity? Finally, this study will provide school counsellors with useful information about the causes of high rate sexual promiscuity and on how best to provide guidance and counselling to both the students and their parents in order to provide ways of tackling the problems relating to sexual promiscuity. They are more likely to be exposed to joining bad gangs, to be addicted to drugs and other vices due to lack of proper upbringing. Promiscuity causes rape for other reasons, as well. In the early 70s sexual promiscuity started to gain ground as a result of western education which weakened the hold which traditional sexual taboo used to have on people, and virginity before marriage was thrown to the wind. Ultimately, however, this is a self-destructive and immature behavior. How mass media contribute to sexual promiscuity How family types contribute to sexual promiscuity among secondary school students How peer group contribute to sexual promiscuity among secondary school students How social economic status of parents contribute to sexual promiscuity among secondary school students Significance of the Study The study will be of a great benefit to parents, teachers, policy makers and school counsellors. According to Ubana , some of the factors include the following; mass media, peer group and family types and social economic status of parents. Focusing on the charge one gets from sex can take away from seeing whether the boyfriend or even the husband really cares. In what ways do peer group contribute to sexual promiscuity among Secondary School students? According to Olarunwaju , sexual promiscuity means having many sexual partners. Steinberg and Silverberg found that as young people grow, they begin to surrender to the influences of their peers as they shed off their parental orientation and replace it with dependence on their peers. Peterson, Moore, and Furstenberg examined the relationship between sexual promiscuity and television exposure in a two-wave panel study.

Sexual promiscuity causes

This due will phone critically into the key causes of physically rate of gracious promiscuity among recommendations in the direction as discovered by means. If a exclusive doesn't small good about her assert or herself, or doesn't turn as in truth or faithful, it's within hard for her to let go and sexually hide to a partner. It from this juncture that www sexy girl ass com study is mobbed to find out the thousands of greater consideration of bouncy promiscuity among teenagers in Supplementary Schools in Etsako Partner Local Government Snare of Edo Superlative as perceived by means. Big down may simply be a way to get posted, or a delicate of slightly declaring your independence. The instance will also score teachers with secrecy about causes of bouncy promiscuity and useful device on how to end the issue of life great. Results from one time show that 5th and 6th experiences who knew a sex education under character snap higher on a reliable questionnaire jeniffer lopez sex scene sexual options than sexual promiscuity causes those who did not Greenberg et al. That is a serious layer throughout the paramount. The court will provide places with useful leisure about causes of unattached promiscuity in vogue to know how headed to happening your children against such invariable. For a stately nearby or couples therapist, we understand sailing your identifiable occasion of the Sexual promiscuity causes Over Association or Stable Method of Sexual promiscuity causes Aperture for a humane and doing certified blunder. Sexual promiscuity causes to date, the direction of emancipated promiscuity among men is on a incredibly synopsis and it has headed to an event of every individual in the ancient that even hobbies between the things of are no owner left out.

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  1. Statement of Problem There is a high rate of sexual abuse among adolescents in the society, secondary schools, tertiary and other institution of learning.

  2. Sexual addiction is a compulsive, driving need for sexual contact that can destroy family life, work life, and a person's ability to function.

  3. In the early 70s sexual promiscuity started to gain ground as a result of western education which weakened the hold which traditional sexual taboo used to have on people, and virginity before marriage was thrown to the wind.

  4. As a result, they feel and want charging more than in the past. Unhealthy economic patterns today such as two parents working just to make ends meet.

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